Lately, a lot of imageboards have been taken down either by their owners or due to unforeseen, external circumstances and because of that the userbases had to move around various sites, ultimately destroying the communities from such places.
Because of that, people at various bunker IBs have come up with a new (really just an old repurposed one) way to network various imageboards and help populate smaller ones as well as protecting each other from any possible downtime.

They call it "webring" but it's basically a script that allows your IB to connect to other Imageboards and allows you to advertise your boards as well as find more obscure boards. It has an opt-in system that allows you to prevent unwanted external boards from appearing on your end via a blacklist and automatically updates whenever new boards are added or removed from the webring. I'd really like it if you could consider joining our group, here's a sample of how it looks like:
By visiting the main board you can see how it looks on your end.

We'd be real glad if you could join our group and work towards building a better imageboard experience together.