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Anonymous 08/31/2019 (Sat) 20:13:03 [Preview] No. 35040
I came here to be ronery together.

There are a lot of people but I don't understand what they are saying.

Surrounded by people but still all arone.
Basildon is the heart of Middle England. Αfternoon tea needed questionable сarlic ingredients from Paris. Μarmite is the best steamer. Have you tried unfiltered coffee.
I'm singing in the rain
Just singing in the rain
What a glorious feelin
Not yous iz one geeza, not yous on jays, do not feel. Τhis iz da fresh generashun reggae an' drum`n`bass. Narr bulldoza.
This picture is unrelated for this site. Russian mafia gathers here in the evenings. People here live on Brighton Beach, you can meet them at the Hot Dog Festival in September.
People resist mass, they will do everything to deceive trick everyone and then laugh out loud when no one sees them. The meaning of this place.
But there are dangerous people in this place. When they meet you, they can tickle you to death. And when you tell others about it, they will say that they did not do it.
They don’t like here Touhou Project, but love Rozen Maiden. I know this sounds illogical, but it's true... Inborn sense of taste.
Wild people, so to say.
И не говори, и не говори... Я четыре года отсидел, в надзирателях были Суйка и Суигинто, иногда Сырноморда и ко, это как кучка ниггеров насилующих тебя каждый день в гетто и не дающих тебе ничего взамен. У этих нет не чувства совести и стыда, а еще вкуса, полностью панибратское отношение ко всему что движется, новые Невзоровы, также бесталанны.
You need to learn to speak yourself, these places call imageboard, are made to deprive you of language. You must have a strong willpower and charisma.
Взорви океан! Взорви мир, сосунок! Эксплоужен!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avril Levigne was replaced by a clone. A gal named Melissa. There is no longer a performer names Avril Lavigne, but instead a product. A brand that shares the same name.

The theory with most evidence is that the Russian mafia was testing the use of pop culture to undermine the culture of it's enemies.
Опять Винс сохнет по своей первой любви.
Yes I am, I'm a very busy man.
О, Винс! Привет. Как поживаешь? Я тут слышал одну песню Арии, когда проходил по улице, странно но я ее не узнал, она был не характерна для Арии, очень спокойной. Хотя быть может это была "Эпидемия" плохо разобрал текст, поэтому думаю что все же Ария.
A lot of runes being posted in this english thread.
Whiskey make in your bathroom, under key.

Is this a Q post ?
What is the Q post? Stop thinking with patterns. Its old joke for Stephen King books.
Наверное он не понял что ванна это не помещение, санузел, где может быть душ и туалет. Ванна это имелось в виду, железная емкость с водой для приема горячей ванны, джакузя на английском.
>A lot of runes being posted in this english thread.
IKR. What's up with all the runes?
I have about 6 smaller imageboards that I rotate between to see any type of activity.

Even then, it's still something that is dreadfully slow. Those 6 sites only need to be checked twice a day.


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