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Anonymous 11/27/2017 (Mon) 03:14:50 [Preview] No. 3509
Greetings from mewch
Чего ты мяукнул?
И тебе гритингс.
I'm ready to lanch a this rocket, do not nervous me. Time to lanch will announce my grandmother. But first, shall we dance?

Мы приветствуем вас в нашем канале. Оставайся ненадолго
But why?
Кстати, в Америке же сейчас утро.
Кстати, в Америке же сейчас утро.
Нам хотелось бы больше людей
But we, too...
People is shit.
We do not need a american shore. Shishechki-igolochki.
Чёт проиграл
Helo fren, i was jus checking up on my russian frens
What do you think about current situation around Iran? Nuclear deal will be cancelled?
Tell us about yourself.
You make me embarraced. My english isn't good, and i cannot use difficult words and "предложения".
А, это не мне. Пиздец.
Where's the Mewch located? Link it to me, quickly, stoutly.
Why n'et?


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