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Liru the Werewolf Anonymous 09/16/2019 (Mon) 00:50:48 [Preview] No. 35515
Liru is a miracle of the universe.
Let's torture someone.
How about liberals?
Почему без розочек?
Показал и зажал фигу.
Сколько вас тут?
Извини, ты это ты?
Морские гады у нас в основном мидии.
Приятного аппетита, лол.
When the sheets are freshly cleaned...
Got some?
This conversation was predicted liek >9000 thraeds ago!
Register at vk.com by phone number, follow /stdccanek and have fun! Just register and quit.
Everyday Life with Liru is a blessing.
Ш дщму нщг!I love U
Increase the beef.
Get a job.
+7 952 64 46 339
we've got illegal unpaid job. Just for you.
How are you?
Tell me a truth. Or lie, whatever.
The true true is a rawr.
Let's ask each other things.
Got cigarettez?
Got something?
Its about to get wet.
Do you speak Russian?>>35551
If you speak Russian, you can find a paid jobeven in Russia.
Also, forget it, I need you here.
Smoke killz.
Notfound daed drop photo.
Read this!
Personal fuck you from Fuck You.
lan sorri
Everyone needs to shoot more guns because guns are good ;)
Wanna hear drug dealing business news?>>35564
0) We've decided to quit a long time ago
1) Drug capital is E^HSpb, Ekb is AIDS capital.
2) "City without drugs" regularly overdose themselves. It's an old FSKN tradition.
Always pay for what you get from mafia.
Never work being high, especially on speed.
Ive seen many funny drug videos from Russia.
I've created one once/
Quick, wrong and dangerous IV injection to self.
Of NaCl
Natrium Chloride
sure legal
It's buried at my Telegram channel.
I wish to travel to northern siberia someday and hike and spend lots of money at small remote towns.
Need to capital there.
Let's stay somewhere here
I hate Moscow and I don't get Spb, and I'm getting lost at Ekb, and I don't give a fuck about Siberia except Omsk
I'm 30
I don't have pictures
but I've got Alpha-PVP
I spend sometimes 1/4 year traveling for fun and living off money I made combined with inheritance. My job is optional abd permits travel to some places and no guidelines. I mainly travel for fun last 6 years.
I've got a hyperdiagnosed schizophrenia and money from gvt
Ive noticed many people on all imageboards get welfare and money from governments.
I've used to do IT but I don't know it started to be shit.
my birthday is 19/06
aren't you flower, flower?
I am a flower? Hmmm...
Have fun
Fun is best eaten on a plate when its cold and you are hungry.
Too boring to read.
0xbeef > 2
0x2 == 2
So you've decided to travel Russia? Most honorable time occupation evar!
I'm bad at face and image processing desu
I would need a permit not just a passport.
Why? If you have your country's document, you can travel your country's embassies and go smoke out
whatever, you're at imageboardz Russian mafia' protection forever
I remember a delay when I wanted to go to Kaliningrad USA and Russia might be a strange time.
Never been in Kaliningrad and outside of Russia.
So where do u stay?
Need help or advice?
Is it ok if she is 13?
do you ask me?
Yandex search works well sometimes.
Fuck you, Yandex. You're too far from me and my flat.
Кто вы такие? Новички? Вы знаете что приходя сюда, вам придётся иметь дело с множеством подмножеств степеней личностей Кодомо-куна? Если вам хорошенько натянули трусы на голову, значит это был он, если вы ничего не поняли, значит это была гимнастика ума, скажите большое спасибо!
Анимационные изображения постит один человек, косплей наверное постит Винс.
Плохо нарисованное изображение своего дяди, постит Десуфах.
Talk with me. Please.
No! It's mine section boards! I fought for this for six years! And you are a attnbeginner, im Master Attention of Universe.. Давай сядем пожалуйста и слушай меня, детка.
Для начала, я помню как тебя зовут. Ты в 16й школе училась, Я делаю бизнес. Просто держись Анека, и с тобой по-прежнему не будет иметь дел в удвоенном размере.
Мне 30, я хиппи-парамилитари со связями в нефтегазе и ФСКН (работал в экспертизе)
у меня есть хоум офис но нет денег и квестов
Я — центровой, все макро трансакции Ронеряча должны проходить через мои руки, чтобы на выходе ничего осталось у вас в карманах.
У меня обратная задача, мне нужно отмыть пару рублей в месяц.
Мне важно знать как ты это делаешь, чтобы управлять миром.
Анек, классный парень как для полицейского.
Просто надо заниматься наукой.


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