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nek Anonymous 02/04/2018 (Sun) 09:02:37 [Preview] No. 6043
Hi im nek
Китайцы на Алиэкспрессе переводчиком пользуются, и ты не сломаешься. Ничего, будешь по-русски разговаривать тут.
очень хорошо, Привет, друг!
я nek, расскажите мне об этом месте
Это место стороной обходит сельский люд
И суеверные твердят - тут призраки живут!
hi nek
this chan only for emo
Он уже пользуется переводчиком, тебе не обязательно.
i can not use googa transleita bcause googa is shit
hello my russian frens
hey nigga why you here? where are you from?
Похоже, Ронри уже успел приобрести мировую известность. Дрискурсу такое и не снилось.
Im from mewch.net, i came because someone posted a thread on mewch so i thought i would drop by and say hi
Hi. Im Hake.
Ronery is...
This is a long story. Ever heard about 0chan? Well, it's ok if you didn't. It desn't matter. What matters is that imageboards are in decline and we are here to decline with them.
Yaaaay, nullcats!
I'm destroying all your ships. Your flagman are belong to us. Run magnetic trap! Torpedo deep cut! This is ice map, just you and me. Go back return to your sand castle!
Neck? Neck, neck, neck, neck... Whose neck?
I am nek
hi Hake, i'm nek
Ronery is wut?
oh ok, i will never forget u ronery
You'll stay here 4ever.
...booze, woman and rock'n roll.
You mean tea, /b/rotherhood and placidity?

what is the best aneeme in your opinion?
Not animey, only mango.
nek will stay here. neks home is mewch but i will keep coming here little one.

what do u guys do here?
sometimes we are post replies to other replies and that's all wat we do here

also we have funny pics with tyanuchka - our mascot... or not a mascot, nobody knows who is she
And also we had our local (almost local) bassy bard with deep lyrics, but he disappeared somewhere.
tyanuchka how did that happen?
bassy bar? pls explain
>bassy bard
Talanted musician. One of his songs here.
Very good, i wish i could understand what he was saying.
Semyon the Inconspicuous — When I Leave The Imageboard

I'll put on a shirt, I'll wash my neck,
And even, who knows, I'll wash my socks
On the day when I will be able to
Close the paths for myself to imageboards.

And immediately the nature will shine around,
Fresh flowers will grow in the hays
The weather will be goddamn great
When I crawl out of my burrow to the street.

When I leave the imageboard
My life will go well,
I will not see your snouts anymore
And the dead brother will rise again. (Dead brother is the russian meme)

When I leave the imageboard
The shadow will leave my face,
Everybody around will be proud of me
And dad will say: "ATTABOY!".

When I leave the hateful chans
I will be invited to the responsible post:
Huge factories, high cranes
Will rise in growth behind me.

Riding a powerful steel locomotive,
Taking the course straight to the Alpha Sagittarii,
Burning bright light, through storms and thunders,
My bur drills through the heavens!

When I leave the imageboard
My life will go well,
I will not see your snouts anymore
And the dead brother will rise again.

When I leave the imageboard
The shadow will leave my face,
Everybody around will be proud of me
And dad will say: "ATTABOY!".

When I'll part with the Internets
Girls will assign me dates under the moon
And maybe then, drunk from their attention,
I'll suddenly remember with pain my only one.

Alive hearts, knocking at the rhythm
Will be my friends instead of dolls and ponies,
I will remember the melody on the phone,
Which Spring will sing to me with a smile.

Oh my gosh, I guess I'm just really bad at this.
> Semyon the Inconspicuous
SamePerson the Inconspicuous.
Thanks fr translation
And what is your thoughts?
I don't think he understood something. In English this song sounds... it sounds a bit different.
Я не думаю, что о нпонимает смысл, поскольку, возможно, на западе имиджборды по-другому воспринимаются - не как приют безжизненных и выброшенных на обочину, а как приятное дополнение к насыщенной жизни и джеку дениелсу.
>приют безжизненных и выброшенных на обочину
Даже у нас они так больше не воспринимаются. Думаю, с течением времени ситуация поменялась и у них.
Ну, кое-где воспринимается, всё-таки. Вообще, знакомо ли им сейчас "хикикомори" и вот это всё.
Вообще, ассоциации, что анонимные имиджборды - это некое выпадание из социума.
I understood, it probably does sound different than in its native language. wish it was easier to pick up languages so i could hear it correctly.
Its very good, i like how real it seems in a sense
no it made perfect sense actually. image boards in the west are the same. There not popular though.
very few actually use image boards but their special communities u know.
That was very interesting, still i wish i understood what he was saying.i don't know maybe u guys can teach me to read Russian.
>There not popular though.
It depends. You have mainstream popular 4chan, we have mainstream popular sosach.
aside from that but most are not popular.
Do u guys think it would be hard to learn to read Russian?
On decent level, yes. Most english-speakers drop when they can't tell the difference between "ш" and "щ", can't spell "ы", don't know what "ъ" is used for.
Also grammar is more complex. Words must be written in many different ways depending on their tence, grammatical case, gender (all words have gender), perfect or imperfect verbs and what not (I don't even know English terms for most things since English don't have these features and those words used only by linguists)
Какие нахуй хикикомори, блядь?
Oh, you did say learn to *read*
It depends. Learning Cyrillic is not hard and you can understand all the loan words with it, like you would if you learned katakana.
But any further, I don't know.
Это хуй, а не хикикомори. Или смысл был именно в этом?
yes, i figured most people usually really only know conversational. At least thats how it seems in my language. sorry for calling it russian. I didn't know the name of the language
its all slavic tbh fam
чёйта за дискурс такой?
what this mean?
Russian "nyak".
Hey, Nek. What the feeling, dude? Do you play bowling? Where do you live, do you have snow?
im in the U.S., i live in mountains so we get snow. I dont play bowling. Im doing good though how about you?
Im tech you, how to cooking yum-yum borsch. Preparation. First, is taken frying pan, pour olive oil, easy. Take little carrot, and grater middle grind her. To throw in a frying pan. Next, take half beetroot, and grater middle grind her. To throw in a frying pan. Salt and sugar on your taste. Ah, and pour teaspoonful of vinegar. For sharpness. Put on fire. Middle fire. To cover with a lid frying pan. Stir the contents, from time to time. 15 minute left. Remove cover frying pan. Upload glass tomato juice. To cover with a lid frying pan. Stir the contents, from time to time. 15 minute left. Well done.

Cooking First, is taken saucepan. In pot water is poured, to the top level. Put on fire. Large fire. Boiled without lid. Take three chicken thigh. To throw in a saucepan. 40 minute left boil. Clean and grind 7 potato. To throw in a saucepan. 15 minute left boil. Take kidney beans, 100 pieces. To throw in a saucepan. 15 minute left boil. Take half green cabbage and knife cut middle grind her. To throw in a saucepan. 15 minute left boil. Okay. Fasten the little fire. Two, throw in yours saucepan, contents yours frying pan. To cover with a lid saucepan. 10 minute left boil. Next, slice greens. Parsley, dill. To throw in a saucepan. 10 minute left boil. And finally, turn off the fire. Wait 15 minute. You can eat! Bon Appetit. Eat delicious with black bread In borsch can add a spoonful sour cream.
Im docker, worker. Handyman, because very busy constantly. Five days on a week, what iam talking about? Day off Saturday and Sunday. Sometimes on Fridays, im fight, choose the guy by more, and kick him ass. This all happens in live music bar. Then releases steam. Im Dance all night with pretty woman, and the neath sound of blues.
Thank you!
every time i come here i think of a russian girl i use to like in shcool
interesting, hope you are feeling good today
Oh, yes. Thanks for question. Im feeling groovy! What is your friend school girl, tell me about it a little. She had something special about her, what did you like it?
I see. You cold outside, but fiery in heart. Unfortunately, civilization has reached us. Im living in The stone jungle.
How do you get warm if you get very cold? Do you wear a giant sweater for the whole family? Or climb into the dugout with three dingoes? In order to keep warm.
she had red ish hair. I liked her because she had an interesting personality. she was funny and cute. i know she was russian because she mentioned once that they moved to U.S. when she was little and that she had an older sister that only spoke russian. She was cool. >>6290
I have warm blanket, is very soft. also heaters in house
You broke up many years ago? Do not keep in touch now? Soon Valentine day, maybe this is your chance. Feets in hands. Per work!
i was never with her, i just liked her sadly.
I've read "i just killed her" at first.
>I've read "i just killed her" at first.
i laughed
Did you forget us already?
potential has turned to spent...
nek no forget
Гопник-style Тайга.
Hey Nek. What do you do, when you leave the house in the morning, do you see what kents are tusking beside your supermarket?
Nek. How about repeat this https://youtu.be/PXwyxfQPF9w?t=6m54s
not sure i understand exactly. i dont really go out much. I should though.
do u want me to translate or somthing?
im not sure
Hello guys, how are you?
Helo Nek.
>how are you?
Very bad, very bad Nek. On the Ronery were found not eliminate communists. These parasites, only drink vodka, then go to the ditch and wait for the tanks, then wake up and throw a grenade in the tank. Then they play the balalaika and sing songs about their exploits. They do not want to do anything else. But i sad. I do not know what to do. Hey Nek! And how are you doing?
>how are you?
Bem bem bem maria
Ney Neck. I want to ask you. If at a certain moment, you became smarter than others. Well, do not know, learned a couple of foreign languages, learned some secret ... Would you stop talking with your friends?
Hey Nek. What is your favorite book? What is your favorite author?
Nek, I created my underground empire. In my bath I make whiskey. But the quality of alcohol is very low. How can I improve the quality of alcohol?
Oh, I'm not a Nek, sorry. I'm just a stranger who is curious about your well-being.
>not a Nok
Fine. Not sorry. As you see, there is nothing to boast about. Now this place they live greedy people. They are rich, stupid and with nothings to talk about in the evenings.
This is джакузя
sup mewch lol kek
Which place? Where is he from?


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