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Anonymous 09/25/2018 (Tue) 14:01:05 [Preview] No. 1178
Forest-based visual editor.
One BST per screen.
Basic vi functionality.
Salad Eldar Approved
samiy zhir!
eyevi -- suckless ncurses vi clone

- BST-based
line-addressable balanced character tree
probably, one tree per screen
rebuilding the text at every terminal resize

- some basic POSIX vi functionality

- of course, it's written in C99

- /*fuck you*/
no shit because of speed^^

- also, based

Optional features

- (maybe language-independent) syntax highlighting

Not-this-sprint 100%:

- SIGWINCH handling

Syntax highlighting

It's reasonable to highlight in a general manner:
- numbers
- punctuation
/* eyevi.h

typedef struct tree
int c;
struct tree *l;
struct tree *p;
struct tree *r;
int newlines;
} tree;

/* first */
tree *tree_begin(tree *);

/* after last */
tree *tree_end(tree *);
Когда разработчики vlc починят кодировки и сделают наконец поддержку mpeg 4 audio? Кодировки не работают с 2013 года! Это ли не показатель прогресса! Чем они вообще занимаются?
Говорят, разработчик iv стал интернет-радиолюбителемъ. http://radio.movepoint.su/


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